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Illuminating Railer Field: A Triumph in LED Lighting Installation

Posted on: April 18, 2024
Baseball field with the stadium lights on
Kansas Electric installed modern LED stadium lights at Railer Field in Centennial Park in Newton, Kansas.

In mid-January, Kansas Electric received an intriguing request from the Newton Recreation Commission: to install modern LED stadium lighting at Railer Field in Centennial Park. With a tight deadline set for March 28, coinciding with the high school girls' first home softball game, the challenge was clear.

Teaming up with Musco Lighting, a leader in stadium lighting, we eagerly accepted the project. By mid-February, materials arrived from Musco's factory, kickstarting our installation journey. With meticulous planning, we began setting pre-cast pole bases, expertly handled by Matt Pope of Pope Concrete.

Next, we laid conduit for the six light pole locations, navigating underground utilities with precision. Thanks to DLS Underground and Badger Daylighting, this phase went smoothly.

Assembling the towering light poles was straightforward, aided by clear labeling and teamwork. With the main lighting control box in place and conductors routed underground, it was time to erect the poles onto their bases. Evergy generously provided expertise and equipment, ensuring precise alignment for optimal light distribution.

Completing final connections, we powered up the system, eagerly awaiting nightfall. Railer Field lit up beautifully, a testament to our collective efforts.

Special thanks to John Kipp, Mike Purdue, Jordan Agee, and Aaron Powell for their dedication, and to Todd and Evergy for their invaluable support.

In conclusion, the LED lighting installation at Railer Field was a victory, showcasing our commitment to excellence.